My Testimony

My husband and myself were going through difficulties, he got antagonist5ic making my life with him very emotionally and frightened. One morning as I was going out to work in my uniform, I was stopped by the front door by him calling my name as I turned around to look; he threw a pan of cold water all over me. It was 6:50 am that meant I had to go back and get changed to get to work for 7 am.

He was a marked trader and we used to get up at 5 am on weekends, my young daughter and I had to go with him. I and my young daughter age 5, got fed-up with this, so we told him we could not go one day as I told him I was taking Helena to Sunday School at St James Church, Tile Hill Lane, so this is how we changed that part of our lives, Helena loved the Sunday School, I enjoyed going back to Church.

I had to call the police as things were getting worse, two strapping detectives in dark suits came to my house to tell me to ring a number that goes straight through and a police come would come. Domestic violence Dep.

One day I was cooking dinner in our kitchen, when my back was turned he started to call me bad names and started to come at me, I ran around the dining table to get away from him but ringing the number on my phone under the table, they could hear the commotion I could not speak to them, then without warning my husband pushed me backwards through the kitchen door on to the ground outside. I was not wearing any shoes or outdoor clothing. He locked the door.

The police came with two cars one for me and one for him; he told the police that I had stabbed him! But there was no evidence.

The police took me to my older daughter after I gave him her mobile number. We were separated because of my husband; she came out of ASDA with her bags to meet me from the police car. They asked if she would take me and she told them “yes”. So she took me back to her car and we went back to her house I never knew about before. That night I slept between my two grandchildren I never knew. Ricky age 2 and Shannon a baby 6 months old.

The next day I woke up feeling no hatred for my husband or animosity, I dressed, had breakfast then I said, thank you, to Phillipa for letting me stay. Then I walked to her garden gate, this was in Stoke and its higher than the City. I was looking towards the City and I could see the spires of Holy Trinity and the Cathedral, and then the most beautiful, soft and loving voice spoke to me saying “go, go now”! I knew at once what this meant, so I walked towards the Cathedral, I went and sat down, reading the messages on the walls. In a service I was saying the Lords Pray and when I said “Father forgive” I felt a massive feeling of rushing all around me going from my chair up over my head: then I felt wonderful, I had forgiven my husband! I walked to the centre of the City and saw unusual creatures and animals. Spiritual things. A vision.

It was Easter time then and I needed to find a flat, so I looked in the Telegraph. I found a flat. I rang them up, viewed. I had some savings that took four weeks to get out, I got it, and got the flat. A 2 bed flat in Wyken. Then Land Lord told me 8 people went for this flat this was blessing. Then I went on an Alpha course and then helped on another one. Then in April 2007 I was baptized fully in water by Cannon Yvonne Richmond Cannon for mission, all my family came to watch this, April was a heat wave. Since then I was free. I haven’t seen my daughter Helena since she was 7, only on Facebook and she looks beautiful.


January 2015