Alpha Course

Alpha is for everyone, especially:
Those wanting to explore Christianity; New Christians; Newcomers to the church; Those who want to brush up on the basics

Alpha at Christ Church


Starting from 6 January 2016

Every Wednesday 7:30 pm 

(session starts from 8:00 pm)

Please contact us for more information about the venues

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Session 1 : Is there More to Life than This?
Session 2: Who is Jesus?
Session 3: Why did Jesus Die?
Session 4: How can We Have Faith?
Session 5: Why and How Do I Pray?
Session 6: Why and how should I Read the Bible?
Session 7: How does God Guide us?
Session 8: Holy Spirit day
Session 9: How can I Resist Evil?
Session 10: Why and how should I tell Others?
Session 11: Does God Heal Today
Session 12: What about the Church?
Session 13: How Can I Make the Most of the Rest of my Life?
(Celebration Meal)

 We look forward to meeting you!