Short Courses

Are you looking to enrich your spiritual life or do you have unanswered questioned?

Why not join one of our short courses that are aimed at fostering small groups in Chist Church. Perhaps your spiritual life could be lifted by joining a small comminity of Christ followers.

Upcoming Modules
None at present.
Previous Modules
Life Series
The Life Series helps those who are seeking to discover the meaning of life. Read more… 

Reason to Believe
The most frequently asked questions are discussed. You have the opportunity to raise questions, give your reasons and hear the reasons to believe. Read more… 

Alpha Course
Alpha is for everyone, especially those wanting to explore Christianity, new Christians, newcomers to the church and those who want to brush up on the basics. Read more…

Youth Alpha
 Read more…

Prayer Retreat
1-3 July 2016 at the Red Hill Christian Centre
Prayer is an important part of our Christian life, but how often do we actually stop and take time to find ways that will really help us connect with God? Why not join us to prayerfully experience the presence of God in the tranquil setting of Red Hill away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
Our programme includes some free time to simply relax and enjoy the local surroundings.

God’s Big Picture
Starting 8 Mar 2015 8.00 PM in the Church for 9 weeks
This course ties the entire Bible into one story, allowing you to see God’s plan for salvation and how the books of the Bible fit together. The live talks are interspersed with discussion and promise to be lively. Many Christians find a new sense of purpose when they see God’s salvation plan, and what our part is today.

What’s the big deal about Jesus?
21 Jan to 4 Mar 2015
A study of Mark’s Gospel to dig deeper into the life and significance of Jesus. The course is run as weekly house groups for worship, study and prayer.