House Groups

Creating disciples in a caring environment

House Groups are a really important part of Christian life where life minded friends discuss scripture, share personal challenges and joys, find mutual support and care. Finding a group that’s right for you can be tricky. You are welcome to try them all and then decide. Speak to Arthur if you would like to start your own.

Our Bible study groups:
The Queen Isabell Group meets Wednesday mornings twice a month 10:30-12:30pm and is led by Bob Line. It is known for excellent bible teaching.

Stella’s group meeting Wednesday evenings 8-9:30pm and is led by Stella Baily. Currently, this group is all women (although men are welcome!) and is very caring.

There is the Pub Group that meets Wednesday evenings 8-9:30pm over a pint at the Open Arms, Daventry Road, and led by Garry Knight and Tony Adamson. This group loves chewing over tough questions.

Finally, there is a Ladies Home Group on the last Friday of the month 11-12:30pm led by June Todd.

If you would like more information or to contact one of the leaders, please Contact us