Candidate Testimonies from the Baptism and Confirmiation Service Lead by the Rt. Revd. John Stroyan Bishop of Warwick, 31 Jan 2016

Stella E

After being brought up in the Church of England, I left the church a long time ago because of my disillusionment with the church and my loss of faith in God. I still believed in Christian values but would say I was an atheist, and just believed that humanity should treat each other well. I would say now that I had just shut the door on the Lord because of my disillusionment with the church and my lack of understanding of his plan for me. In recent years, I have met people who have made me think that it was only the church that I had turned my back on, and not God at all. Two of these people are members of this church and it made me think again about the church. One of these people asked me to do the Alpha course, and doing it made me realise that I do believe in God. I have decided to be confirmed as a sign to me that I have returned to God. Since returning to the church and the Lord, life has changed for me, but only because God is in my life. The actual things in my life haven’t changed, just how I feel and act about them. My friend says I am still me but happier and more peaceful in myself. I want others to see the Lord in me so that they may want to learn more about God and find their peace and happiness in the Lord our God.

Lucy W

I became a Christian because I wanted to follow Jesus and want to make a commitment to follow him all my life. I’ve heard lots of stories that have inspired me and I’m thankful for all the things God has given me. Jesus to me means kindness, hope and love. I know that I will never be alone because God is with me, no matter what happens in my life, when it is happy and even when it is tough. I love learning in Sunday School about the amazing things he has created and the amazing things he does.

Lucy G

I have been brought up in a Christian home and I was baptised at Christ Church in 2007 when I was 5 years old. I have enjoyed all the groups that have been available for me here such as Campaigners, Sunday School and Youth Group. I thank all the leaders that have encouraged and helped me grow my faith in Christianity and learn more about God. Youth Group has really helped me understand and go through all the difficult aspects of Christian life. God is an important and big part of my life and I want to say for myself that I am a Christian. I want to be closer to God and follow his ways of teaching. I want to take that next step in my journey of faith for myself.

Daniel O

I started being a Christian when I was young. I was baptised at 3 at St Saviour’s Church in Bournemouth. I went to church there every Sunday to go to the creche then Sunday school. I went to a Church of England  primary school called St James. They both taught me the main things about Christianity and the bible. When I moved to Coventry I went to Christ Church, Cheylesmore. Here I enjoyed Campaigners which taught me the Lord’s prayer and explained stories in the bible, I loved the hockey and other activities.  I go to Sunday school as well as “grill the vicar” and youth group. These helped me understand more about difficult questions like “do animals go to heaven?” and “what forms the devil comes in” and “heaven and hell”. I decided I wanted to be confirmed in Youth Alpha.  It helped me understand more about sin and Christ. I wanted to say that I was Christian for myself.

Divine C (written by his parents, Ejikeme and Rita)

As a child of God the bible tells us we are ordained to be a light to the world, spreading the good work of our Lord Jesus Christ, making disciples and most importantly being one family in the body of Christ. I am born into Christian family as an Anglican; learning to grow in the knowledge of God and the responsibilities that come with it is a huge task, so I invite God to work with me throughout my journey. Ever since then never regret knowing Him. God gives me hope as I find refuge in him. Having gone through the essentials as well as reaping and enjoying the benefit, I for once cannot fail to invite my beloved ones to come and share with me the wonderful gift of God to us mankind. As a good dad, who will always want the best for his children I will love Divine to be part of God’s family and enjoy the benefit in it.

Kelechi A

I believe that confirmation is an important step in the Christian Faith. I was born into the Christian Faith, and I was baptised. I come from a very religious background (Nigeria), and a very religious family. The Christian faith is handed down from parent to child over centuries, and it is the job of the next generation to pass it down. I want to be educated in the faith that I will pass onto other people, because if I’m not educated, why should I be trusted? I believe that confirmation is the first step towards Christian knowledge, and I am the kind of person who likes to be educated. Therefore, I am ready to be confirmed, and build up my Christian Faith, which will also help my everyday life.