All children from 3 years old up to the end of Y2 (school year) are welcome to join us to make new friends and have fun whilst learning about and praising God. As well as listening to bible stories and talking to God in prayer, we play games and do lots of craft activities.

The Seekers group meets during the service time

Sunday morning from 10:30 in the room next to the lounge.

We look forward to welcoming you!


Outline of our activities

God’s Promise

7th May 2017

Abram obeys God

Genesis 12:1-9
Aim: to begin to see what it means to trust and obey God
14th May 2017

Abram and lot

Genesis 13
Aim: to learn that God does what he says
28th May 2017

Abram’s new name

Genesis 17
Aim: to realise that God knows each of us by name

Jesus starts work

4th June 2017

Jesus the boy

Luke 2:41-52
Aim: to grow up, as Jesus did, knowing and loving God
11th June 2017

John baptises Jesus

Matthew 3:1-17
Aim: to discover that God can help us
25th June 2017

Who is Jesus

Matthew 11:1-19
Aim: to realise that Jesus’ actions show us who he is